How to make black lentils

. Half a teaspoon of anise extract. Extra cinnamon sticks. How to p repare Place: coffee, anise extract, chocolate sauce and sugar together in a medium-sized saucepan and mix them together. Place the cloves and cinnamon sticks inside a thick piece of cotton cloth, then tie the ends of the cloth using a string so that it looks like a bag. Place the spice bag in the coffee pot and leave it for two to three hours on low heat, then remove the bag from the pot to pour the coffee into serving cups, decorating them with a cinnamon stick individually. Video of how to make Saudi coffee Watch the video to learn more about how to make Saudi coffee: Was the article useful? Yes no Share the article Facebook Twitter Share the article Facebook T witterYou may also like: Optimize HR & Payroll Worldwide (See More) International HR Software | Sponsored Modular Homes 2024 (View Prices) Modular Houses | Search Ads | Sponsored Efficient Asset & Inventory Tracking Solutions (Search Now) Inventory So
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